Twitter Threads

I am a YUGE fan of Twitter threads.
I think they introduce some very interesting artistic constraints.

1st of all you need to keep it short, and thus forcing you to compress your ideas as much as possible.
Yes, I know with compression comes information loss.

It forces you to be artistic.
Like, try to communicate something through a picture.

It feels like you are beating the system.
I mean a tweet is meant to have 280 character limits, and here I am writing a mini-article.

It’s special.
What’s more special an article about oral sex, or a Twitter thread about oral sex?

Bitcoin Difficulty Adjustment – Very in-depth explanation with a LOT of PICs

Initially, I was thinking of making a thread on how to calculate the chance of a hash being valid after catching these guys missing 1 “zero” in 23, but the thread caught a life of its own and 1 week later


While exploring the topic of entropy, I realized I had to make my own TRNG.
Of course, I went for the most random randomness, the most dangerous, and show-offe.

I also can’t tell you how stoked I was that a random d00d like me using household items managed to measure microscopic physical events that challenge our understanding of how reality works and transformed that into Bitcoin BIP39 seeds.

Btw, 2 other people did their own after seeing me:

How Random Number Generators can be compromised

After writing a 38 tweet thread about the SeedSigner, I decided to see what other people say about it, so I tuned into the Citadel Dispatch e0.3.3.
I get stuck on 1 sentence that Matt says, and I make a very compressed thread about how:

  • A lot of respectable people dont trust RDRAND – the built in procesor PRNG
  • The math behind the backdoored Pseudo Random Number Generator Dual_EC_DRBG(Dual Elliptic Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generator).
  • Show a small exploit based on RDRAND

Pretty hardcore stuff. 🤩

SeedSigner – How to everything

In my exploration of how HWWs use entropy, I decided I had to test the SeedSigner.
Because it allows you to use a picture as a source of entropy.

Realizing how cool the device is and how actually it’s better than most of the HWWs on the market I just had to make a very detailed thread about it.

Whats the reference entropy implementation?

Bitcoin Core is the reference implementation and is seen as the gold standard when it comes to almost everything that’s Bitcoin.
If I was going to talk about entropy in the Bitcoin ecosystem, it had to be done in comparison with Bitcoin Core.

As I am not a developer, on the 12th August 2021 I asked if people can show me where I can find the specific pieces of core in Core that take care of private key generation. I could not understand a single thing.

On the 10th of September, I asked if someone can sit down and explain to me how all of this stuff works.
A few people engaged but nothing satisfactory.

On the 4th of October, I very arrogantly post the thread “I think I got it“. 🙂

How to go from entropy to a Bitcoin address

In this thread, I take you through all the steps from entropy to a Bitcoin address.

Mandatory read if you pride yourself on being the kind of bloke(or lass) that wants to know how the sausages are made.

How to get the message engraved by Satoshi in the blockchain from your Umbrel node

This showcases a bit of CLI-fu[1]CLI – command like interface
fu – as in Kung-Fu, btw If “waifu” is “wife” should “kung-fu” be “knife”? 🤔
on how to get the “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks” newspaper headline that was included by Satoshi in the Genesis Block.

Phiosophical thread about how Bitcoin has a deeep impact of the ethics of society

Humans(and any living things for that matter) face existential challenges in various forms of coordination problems.
For humans the most important coordination problem is money, and Bitcoin solves this in a Byzantine fault-tolerant way.

Before Bitcoin and other fancy technology, we used religion to solve this problem by helping us calculate ethics[2]Ethics are the operating system of humanity.
Incentives are the BIOS.
Because of Bitcoin, the firmware is getting updated.

What is Bitcoin backed up by?

If you surf on Twitter you notice that stupid people have bad takes on what backups Bitcoin, mostly trying to cater to even more stupid people that want to understand Bitcoin through the fiat paradigm[3]That’s like trying to understand a woman by using a fleshlight.

In this very short thread, I enumerate and give a short explanation of the things that actually back bitcoin up.

How does Blockstream Liquid work?

There is quite a bit of when it comes to sidechains, the original idea was to have trustless ones, but most people[4]Paul Sztorc disagrees don’t know if they are possible.

In this thread, I explain how the Liquid federated side-chain works and what are its quirks.

A list of really cool and usefull Bitcoin data science websites


1 CLI – command like interface
fu – as in Kung-Fu, btw If “waifu” is “wife” should “kung-fu” be “knife”? 🤔
2 Ethics are the operating system of humanity.
Incentives are the BIOS.
3 That’s like trying to understand a woman by using a fleshlight
4 Paul Sztorc disagrees